Cafes with ” kototerapiey “

In Paris, opened a cafe , where people come for a kind of therapy – pet cats. Clients Cafe des Chats already appreciated service: tables are planned for the week ahead.
Cat strolled among the tables can be found in many cafes . But usually the animal is a nice addition , but not the foundation of the brand places . In the heart of Paris, in the Marais , in September opened a cafe where a croissant and cappuccino – rather appendage to the main ” kototerapii .” The creators have taken from the animal shelter about 10 cats and cats treated her at the vet and they lived in a cafe, in a specially built small houses . Local livestock walk where they want ( in this case managers assure that sanitation in the cafe all right) . Visitors can stroking cats sitting on the floor or on a chair . Animals therapeutic mission . ” Purring produces vibrations that facilitate arthritis and rheumatism, support circulation and heart ” – told Reuters cafe manager Margo Gandel .

According to the records on the page “Cat House ” in Facebook, purr therapy Parisians appreciated. As of September 21-22, all the tables are booked for the week ahead. Of the seats are occupied and all before November . On the menu is nothing remarkable : the creators of Cafe des Chats offer standard dishes from organic products and brewed coffee.

The concept of Parisian establishments soon to earn in London. In Russia, too, has a similar cafes – even in 2011, opened in St. Petersburg “Republic of cats .”

Cheap restaurants in Prague

Prague is rightly called one of the most beautiful cities in Europe. Tourists are full, restaurants as well.
Prices for meals in restaurants in Prague are not as high as, say, in Amsterdam. But this does not mean that having 30-40 euros for dinner for two can go to any restaurant or beer pub in Prague , to order any dish .

If you’re in the Czech capital during the week , dine in restaurants that offer so-called Denny nabidke – Offer of the day or business lunches. This is usually a main dish , salad , dessert and a drink.
Portions served in restaurants in Prague great : salads basically 300 grams, depending on the meat dishes. Before ordering , see the menu ” dishes out “, you may find that one of the famous Czech ” Veprova knee” and you have enough for three (it’s a half – pound of meat ) .
A litmus test for determining nedorogogih restaurants of Prague , among other things , is the cost of beer. If this intoxicating drink menu is more expensive 35-40 euros – it is better to get up and go, of course, if you want to eat the budget .
As for tipping , the Czech Republic decided to leave them in the amount of 10 % of the total order . However, some of Prague’s restaurants include service in the bill – more closely examine the check boxes for Service.
Restaurants in Prague a lot, but not all of them are worthy. Of institutions that are worth to visit and where not very expensive, we note a few.
The traditional Czech beer restaurant (traditional in the best sense of the word ) U dvou kocek (« Two cats “).
If very hungry , order a dish called Česká bašta. Bring a huge plate of assorted duck meat , fried and smoked pork , veal with vegetables. It costs 250 euros . ” Veprovo knee” in the same price.
Another place that is not spoiled by tourism boom , the other restaurants in Prague – U Bansethů. First, here is unsurpassed prepare traditional Czech goulash ( and it costs only 89 euros ), and secondly , a very tasty brew beer ( in 2010 the local lager even received an award as one of the best pubs in bringing Prague ) .
Sure , in addition to ” goulash Brewer prescription Doushi Food Boy ” make dumplings with bacon and homemade bacon and onions ( 79 CZK ) .
By the way , one of the tables are reserved for life Jaroslav Hasek , who even mentioned this institution in his famous ” Schweik “.
We recommend to visit the restaurant Zvonařka (Šafaříkova, 1). Great , peaceful setting – the perfect place to relax away from the crowd of tourists. It ‘s worth a try spicy buffalo wings – 160 CZK. The average rates are slightly higher than in other restaurants , which is described in the article.
Look also to the institution Ferdinanda. Prepare a fine, affordable prices . Pork schnitzel , baked with cheese – 153 crowns , beef stew with a spicy red pepper and garnish – 128 CZK, salads ( shopska , Greek , Caesar , portions of 300 g ) – 80-85 crowns.
Brew their beer – “Ferdinand” , “Seven Bullets” and ” Pomegranate ” ( 29-35 euros per 0.5 liters ) which make pickled Hermelin . The interior is very interesting .

To say that the beer pubs in Prague (or more correctly ” Piwnica “) at every turn – to say nothing. Beer – the national drink it here know how to cook it here and know how to drink . Most popular among tourists several institutions.
To date, a Mecca for beer lovers from other countries is Pivovar U Medvídků. As a result – the mass of the people , but the beer does not taste good from it becomes. If you’re willing to put up with the crowds , visit here worthwhile.
One of the oldest pubs in Prague is U Fleku. The beer is brewed here since the XV century ! Be sure to taste the dark beer with a taste of caramel – this you have not tried . Just be careful – tasty, but ” in the head gives a ” strong.
Another religious institution of beer pubs in Prague called U Kalicha. The owners claim that this is where Jaroslav Hasek wrote his famous novel ” The Good Soldier Schweik “, sipping an unbeatable Czech beer. The beer here is really good , like the ” Veprovo knee .” Fans of tales of Schweik – an institution sure to visit.
We would advise you to visit a beer pub Pivovarský dům. It’s a great place where you can taste these beers , which you previously had no idea , ” champagne” beer, nettle , banana , cherry , vanilla , even coffee .
However, beer is good almost everywhere – so feel free to come even in the most inconspicuous beer pubs in Prague.

Kinderkookkafe ( Amsterdam, Netherlands)

In Amsterdam , the city streets of the Red Light District , legalized drugs and euthanasia , there is another interesting institution where tired of the vagaries of the children, the parents can relax and unburden himself . This Kinderkookkafe. A distinctive feature of this cafe is its staff – consisting entirely of children under the age of 12 years. I must admit that this is an unusual sight , but very endearing .

In our country , and in many other countries , child labor is illegal , then it is prohibited by the Geneva Convention on Human Rights. It is unclear how this allowed the Dutch authorities . But the fact remains. In this institution to serve you compunctionate kid – waiter , cook you a little cocktail barman , and cute , and funny in its severity headwaiter will listen to your complaints and take steps to eliminate these disadvantages you .

In this unusual restaurant, you can be moody and visitor, and a bully , and a foodie . You always politely served on the high level. I can not believe that young children can be as serious and responsible. But the parents of these kids say that after their children began to look for jobs in Kinderkookkafe, they become more responsible and obedient. So , the work in this unusual cafe can easily enter in a list of ways for juvenile bullies. After all, said to be the work ennobles man .

By the way, even if you just went on vacation in Amsterdam, the family can visit Kinderkookkafe. It will be interesting not only to you but also to your children. And maybe , after a visit to this small restaurant is not your child will be so much hysterics , because he will be able to take an example and employees of the cafe .

In the menu you will find Kinderkookkafe traditional Dutch cuisine . This hutspot ( beef stew with vegetables ) and stampot ( mashed potatoes with smoked sausage and bacon ) . And you can try here Groningen mustard soup and taste a thousand dishes with diverse species of asparagus. And, of course , you can not ignore, and of Dutch special spicy pickled herring . And if you get into this fancy restaurant on a Sunday , you can enjoy a real English tea party , which will arrange for you kids .

For what purpose would you not come to Holland, sincerely recommend you to visit Kinderkookkafe in Amsterdam. The most usual lunch or dinner at this cafe you will remember for a lifetime!

10 of the most exotic restaurants in the world

Vegetarian Tacos in a hammock , a dessert with masochistic overtones , hovering in the sky restaurant in two dozen places , tea party in the spirit of “Alice in Wonderland ” and the other the most unusual and exotic restaurants of the world,

Pic du Midi, France

This is the high-altitude restaurant in the world – higher only impromptu cafe in guest houses for climbers . Its built on a ridge near Chamonix, at an altitude of 3842 meters. From the city will have to get two chairlifts . Inside is a classic French restaurant with a conservative menu , watercolors and oil paintings on the walls, as well as spectacular views from the observation deck . Cuisine – French Regional .

Ali Barbour’s, Kenya

Kenyan restaurant is located inside a natural cave on the coast near Mombasa. Its interior has remained virtually the same condition , the nature of how the cave formed more than a hundred thousand years ago , except leveled floor and, of course , placed tables and lighting. From the strong Mediterranean influence with an abundance of fresh fish. The restaurant opens in the evening, and especially exotic looks , when it was quite dark.

Chillout, UAE

Ice Restaurant – a popular pastime in the Nordic countries during the winter, but in the hot Dubai for the winter do not have hope , so just open Chillout done year-round . In a well- insulated room maintained at -6 Celsius , the interior is laid out ice blocks , furniture made ​​of ice , visitors at the entrance parks offer special designer , and as soon as they sat at the ice tables , cocktail served in an ice glass. Not accustomed to such conditions linger southerners recommend no more than 40 minutes.

Dinner in the Sky

This restaurant – lifted by crane to a height of 50 meters platform for 22 visitors (seated in chairs with seatbelts ) , the chef and his two assistants. Her carry the most picturesque places of the planet : was already in Paris and Brussels , Tokyo and Rio de Janeiro, London and Dubai , Monaco and Sydney , and in June of this tour in the Baltic capitals. In the restaurant were noted such outstanding chefs as Yannick Alléno , Paul Gagnaire and Joel Robuchon .

Don Café House, Kosovo

Institution in Kosovo Pristina successfully mimics the bag in which for centuries to transport coffee beans. Its curved walls are like jute bags , tables and lamps are made in the form of halves roasted beans , the upholstery of chairs and sofas – coffee hue. Kitchen – modern creative , without excessive reference to coffee because of its interior and so lacking.

Jardin del Asia, Bolivia

Luxury hotel in Bolivia Los Tajibos sheltered huge restaurant , called ” Asian Garden “. In its six geographical zones corresponding to the main culinary achievements of China and Japan. There is a sushi bar , the Indonesian cafe tables teppan -yaki , a modern area of gastronomic fusion , Chinese garden with lush vegetation and a Zen garden for tea rituals.

Mahiko Mano, Japan

Some things , like a hammock and a Pina Colada , made ​​for each other , but in the restaurant Mahiko Mano decided to go beyond relaxed tropical cocktails and absorb , reclining in a hammock , all that we have on the menu. Tokyo restaurant is made in the style of a cafe on the equatorial ocean. The kitchen is light, rather seasoned Indian-style curry and spicy broth .

Masoch -Café, Ukraine

In honor of the native of Lviv, writer Leopold Sacher- Masoch , in this city opened the eponymous restaurant with a statue of the hero in front of the entrance. The style and menu rich in quotations from the constant themes of the writer – the dominance of women over men , mostly sexual . Dishes are attributed exciting properties , the visitors ( and with their participation , if desired) played masochistic scenes .

Tea Cosy, United Kingdom

In Brighton Tea Tea Cosy erected in the absolute main traditions of the British Empire. For a man unprepared atmosphere may resemble a tea party with the Mad Hatter . However, the few places you can get as wide a selection of traditional British tea treats , and even in the walls, where you at every moment of watching at least a dozen portraits of the ruling royal family.

Two Oceans, South Africa

      Restaurant at Cape Point in South Africa is unique for two reasons. First, it lies on the shores of two oceans at once: from the glass-fronted dining room and terrace overlooking left the Indian Ocean , to the right – the Atlantic . Secondly , it is the edge of the continent and civilization , then – only Antarctic station. Kitchen facilities – Thai, Japanese , also includes local fish cooked according to traditional recipes .

Their customs

institution «Clothing Optional Dinner»
And really, if you, being in the Big Apple (known nickname of New York), you will fall into the place «Clothing Optional Dinner» and will stay with the clothing – will be sharply contrasted with the visitors of this site. No wonder, because this the restaurant – for nudists who, it turns out, not only love to sunbathe in the buff, but also trapeznichat same. It should be noted that the staff of the restaurant still dressed (this is required sanitary standards), and visitors bring with them a special litter that lay on the chairs or armchairs, before Crouch.

Traditional cuisine in the restaurant (American, Mexican, European), apparently, restaurateurs have decided that enough is enough with their bare visitors – did not come up with anything that way in the culinary sense. Agree, probably rightly so. No doubt, if you suddenly decide to dine in «Clothing Optional Dinner» – it’s unlikely you remember what you ate. But the impression of how, in any environment – will not for life. Of course, if you are not a nudist, and for you “full nudity” is not in order.

Now go to Chicago. From this city Barack Obama moved into the White House before being elected president SShAot junior senator of Illinois. It is possible that during your lives on the shores of Lake Michigan Barack occasionally frequented the restaurant «Dick’s Last Resort» – probably the only restaurant in the world (actually, now it is a network, there are similar facilities in other U.S. cities, but it first appeared in Chicago), positioning itself as “the place with rude service.” Further details.

The name «Dick’s Last Resort» can be translated from English into Russian literally – “Dick’s Last Refuge.” But actually, there is another, “slang” translation, which is much closer to what is meant restaurateurs: «Dick’s Last Resort» – so called in the U.S. durnushek, unattractive girls … For those who understand.

Oh, «Dick’s Last Resort» – an absolutely remarkable institution for people with a good sense of humor! It really is a place with rude service. When you come into the place, the head waiter can tell you after something nasty about your hairstyle or clothing, waiters, taking orders, will imitate your behavior can be very arrogant. Remember the famous Soviet, “you have a lot and I’m alone”? In «Dick’s Last Resort» you may well answer something in the same style.

Under a rough-hewn staff and the whole entourage. Furniture is quite rough, as if it was made drunk, silly drawings painted on brick walls, handwritten menu – with errors. The restaurant is usually quite loudly playing “live music.” Usually it is something fatal, sometimes country.

Naturally, the menu will bring you immediately – wait, no fractures. When the yield – throw it carelessly on the table. Then you wait the order, and when, finally, it will bring – may be no plates or cutlery. To your timid request that would be good to still deliver the missing, followed, of course, put-down, you will say, “Eat your hands, do not vykabluchivaysya, we’ve got so accepted.” Or can draw a marker plate, directly on a paper napkin. Another feature – aprons that waiters wear without demand “special guests”, and when they start to eat already. It is, one might say, caring about the customer – not to oblyapalsya. Mockery that these aprons – with a very “fun” labels. May well be able to read something in the style of his “I racist pig” or “last night, I did not work …”.

Despite all the rudeness – fed in «Dick’s Last Resort» tasty and inexpensive. Basically, this is a typical American food: barbecue chicken legs, fried potatoes, salads, a variety of burgers and sandwiches, some seafood … Signature dish – tender pork ribs on the grill. Welcome to «Dick’s Last Resort»!

And the music plays in the toiletм

This restaurant toilet
Let’s start with the Republic of China (Republic of China). Not to be confused with China. Another name – Taiwan (the island on which it is located partially recognized state). The capital of Taiwan – Taipei. It was here, too distant and alluring, you can visit the institution, which is the ordinary Europeans seem more than strange. This is a restaurant toilet. It is worth noting that the restaurant, located in a former toilet – not a rarity. In the first part of our “restaurant research” we wrote about one of these, in the Finnish Turku. However, there is another story. Most likely, no closet in the room where the restaurant «Modern Toilet Taipei», never was. Or was – who do understand, from our brethren the Chinese?

In any case – now, when you come in «Modern Toilet Taipei», first impression is really wrong door “would be better, but it turned out as always.” However, if you look, you know, that’s right: this place really eat. Just eat in the toilet. This is clearly evidenced by design of the restaurant. Chairs are imitating toilets, and the food served in the bidet, a chamber pot, and, again, in the toilet. Fascinating, is not it? Napkins and towels are also authentic – replaced with toilet paper. But she had toilet paper … No, it seems all right. The walls are decorated with a variety of toiletries, a “brand” urinals and other amenities. Cared resourceful restaurateurs and the related soundtrack – if you like the sound of the spoilers, dining drain barrel – you just in «Modern Toilet Taipei». I am glad that they did not go further – you never know what other sounds can sometimes hear the toilet.

As to the menu, some special delights is no different: you feed the delicious Chinese food. In general, in Europe and its bulk. But in this case, it is, of course, not only in the food … if you are in «Modern Toilet Taipei» – do not forget to shout “Busy!”. Sorry for the “toilet” humor.

I must say that Taipei – full of various unusual. Another wonderful establishment – restaurant «Beitou Incinerator». This place is out of the ‘I see everything from above, and you know! “. The fact that the restaurant is at the top of the pipe. The very same pipe – a building block processing plant waste. Simply put – the incinerator. Restaurateurs ensure that no unpleasant smells, guests will not feel, but enjoy the delicious food and wonderful views.

The golden porch sat

restaurant - "Turandot"
In Tverskoy Boulevard awaits visitors, perhaps the most luxurious restaurant in Moscow – “Turandot.” What’s there in Moscow – in Europe these too will have to look. In fact, it is rather a palace than a restaurant. Palace, where those who have the money, do not invite you to a free feast. The interiors of the restaurant (“institution” it somehow do not dare call it that) made vstile “chinoiserie” – in Russia, he has always been imperial. And all luxury interiors, which can contemplate Florentine patio trellis on the terrace, in the “Parade”, “Porcelain”, “Bird”, “Mirror”, “China” and other rooms of this amazing restaurant – no restoration. All of this was created by modern designers and architects, on samples of the 19th century. Words are hard to describe what splendor, which opens to the guests “Turandot.” It is better to see once. Even on-site restaurant on the Internet.

“Turandot” – a favorite dining spot of show business stars, politicians and businessmen. What is important guests are treated here? Oh! After studying the menu, there is a feeling that there are museum pieces. There is simply pathetic. Want to enjoy, simply representing the divine taste of the dishes. Salad of goose meat with veal and crayfish. Crab salad with the flavor of green tea and smoked sturgeon caviar. Goose liver in Peking with daikon and nuts. Truffle soup with foie gras. Cutlet of black cod in mushroom sauce. Marbled beef with grilled vegetables. You can still continue … In “Turandot” also serves Japanese and Chinese cuisine. However, most likely, you are already in the gastronomic ecstasy. We ran out of “Turandot!” Saved from this all-consuming, and cooking in general, luxury! Otherwise dangerous quagmire suck and appear overwhelming desire to dine here. How then have sausages with mashed potatoes?

Edible tram

Edible tram
For breath – ride the tram. Slow travel and quiet contemplation area, you know. Food too. You can combine these two pleasures, if you sit on a tram “Anna.” This restaurant on wheels, well known residents of the capital. True, most familiar to the outside only. Inside “Annushka” seek more visitors. Muscovites are to the restaurant on the rails about the same as the Tretyakov Gallery – are rare. If trams do not rent for banquets and similar events, and it does not go the route desired tenants, then it usually follows from the subway station “Pure ponds” to “Shabolovskaya” and back. There are also a couple of other routes. But the “base” is always the “Pure ponds”. Tram-stop restaurant for landing is possible, as indicated on the website, in any place, “one has only to submit a hand sign Carman.” Interestingly, it did not breach the rules of the road? Entrance fee you will be charged $ 100. There is a face-control. About the dress code does not say anything. So, you can ride without a tuxedo.

Address and telephone
What to feed on the board? Actually, for the tram menu is quite diverse. Although the dishes are certainly not so refined and complex. But we have something after “Turandot” only that it should be. Offered, for example, cold dishes, “Last Exit” (the tongue with horseradish), “Eyes of Berlioz (banal olives: black and green),” Cream Azazel “(salted salmon with cream cheese),” Snacks Behemoth “(herring with potatoes ) … salad bar continues Bulgakov theme menu: “Brains Berlioz” (it turns out, arugula with shrimps and parmesan cheese). However, there is “Caesar” with “Greek.” Can of soup, for example, dine “Mushroom Cappuccino”. Meat: “Pontius Pilate” (medallions of veal with vegetables), “Queen of the Ball” (kare lamb with vegetables), “Creation Wizard” (veal fillet with pineapple). There is also a fish, of course, side dishes, desserts, alcoholic and soft drinks, coffee and tea. Is there a children’s menu, which restaurateurs, thankfully, decided to dispense with references to the immortal prose of Mikhail Bulgakov, the banquet menu. All in all – a pleasant journey and appetite!

Dutch hacienda

 «De Kas»
Netherlands – a country dream for many. There tulips, cheese, beer … But much more is there. For example, in the capital of the kingdom is there at least a couple of the restaurant is very original. This, of course, coffee shops – they are in Amsterdam, hardly anyone will be surprised.

If you have a flat, you will appreciate the restaurant capital of the Netherlands – De Kas. However, if you do not give – you probably still love it there. And then the cottage? It’s simple – because at hacienda we mainly use for cooking foods that are grown there, and – in the garden or in the garden. Eat, saying: “cucumbers, then tomatoes – his.” In «De Kas» you will about the same thing. Of course, no one will force you to grow anything. But most of the ingredients listed in the menu of dishes collected there in the restaurant. The fact that it was opened in a former greenhouse, built in 1926. Restaurateurs have decided not to destroy its foundations. And do not destroy. Why, if you can “build” a restaurant in the already established space landscape? And so it happened. Tables in «De Kas» placed almost between the beds. All vegetables, fruits, herbs – organic produce. But this is not a vegetarian restaurant. The variety on the menu is made from local meat dishes and, of course, seafood. Another “trick” of the restaurant – dinners for the chef’s table: guests throughout the evening to watch the workings of the local culinary virtuosos. Is a restaurant in the park Frankendael, outdoors Kamerlingh Onneslaan 3.

Sky Belgium

«Dinner in the Sky»
Capital of Belgium enchant you not only amazing Gothic and Baroque architecture, the Grand Place, sculptures peeing boy and girl cuttlefish “Atomium” or delicious tvoreniyamimestnyh chocolatiers. There’s a place in Brussels, which is certainly worth a visit fans of unusual meals. This Restaurant «Dinner in the Sky». Can be translated into Russian as “Dinner in the Sky.” Actually, this is what is offered to all comers.

Imagine a small area with a table shaped like an oval, behind which can accommodate 22 persons. In the middle – the space for multiple cooks and waiters. Above the table there is a canopy, are present lamps. Chair of trapeznichat equipped with four seat belts. When ready, the guests settled and staff in place – restaurant rises about 50 meters above the ground. This is done with the help of a powerful crane. Naturally, the place in this institution should always be booked in advance. It should be noted that this restaurant – touring the world. So you can meet him, not only in Brussels. By the way, it is easy to “write” in Moscow, St. Petersburg and other Russian cities and dine in limbo with a view of some attractions. The only question is, how much it will cost. In the web site of the project is working including in Russian – to know the price is not a problem. But still came up with this ‘flying’ restaurant was just in the Belgian capital, where he first got off the ground. Therefore, we will just take it to a Brussels culinary attractions.